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Slippery Slopes

In central Iowa you’re surrounded by blue skies and farmland for miles. You drive along the highway, passing the occasional semi-truck with a smile and wave. The air is sharp and cold at 30 degrees but you roll the window down to feel the breeze on your skin, the light dappling your arms with an occasional shadow, courtesy of a leisurely passing cloud. It takes its time, and so do you. 1, 2, 3 turns later you see brown signs beckoning to the state park. You’re almost there yet the flat, open landscape belies your destination.

Activate a hard right at the grandest sign and find yourself in a tunnel of trees. Even without their green finery, the naked branches elegantly arch above your vehicle. The farmland disappears behind the silent sentinels and the land rises up to greet you.

Welcome to Ledges State Park.


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Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

It’s a glitter nail polish kind of week.

My goal of posting daily art in 2013 fell off the wagon faster than drunk college students on a hayride. (Yes, we have those in Iowa.) However, I just completed my first motion graphic video for the office. This project devoured my hours with a ferocious appetite, but I’m excited about the end product and feel inspired to produce more personal work.

It’s challenging to stay motivated to learn new skills and create personal art outside of a full-time career, but sometimes a coat of glitter nail polish is the boost you need. (I’m sure this works for gents, too.) I am sparkly and I am ready.

Also, I confess I ate an entire bag of sriracha-flavored chips while I was animating. In one sitting. I must never again do this.

Thanks for listening, Diary.

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Satisfaction No Burger

Sometime around the vague age of seven, I decided to sneak out of my room late at night to see what my parents were watching on television. The angle of the bedroom hallway kept me out of sight of authoritative eyes, but gave me a reasonable view of the Bright Screen of Wonder.

After seeing a short scene where a man places a shotgun on a kitchen counter and his (girlfriend?) turns into a hideous monster, I ran back to my room in terror. I carried a vivid memory of this scene with me for nearly two decades, and never discovered the title. Eventually I wondered if I’d invented the scene in a dream. It was rather challenging to Google “Man places shotgun on counter. Bullet or something rolls off edge. Girl bends over to pick up bullet, turns into disgusting monster when she stands up and attacks man. Man shoots girl. Neighbor makes phone call. Movie or possibly tv show.”

I’ve occasionally described the scene to various movie friends with no success. However, thanks to an awesome nerdy/cinephile coworker, the great mystery of my life is solved. “House,” you sassy horror/comedy, we meet again!


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